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Inline Skating Practices
September - March
Helmets mandatory!

Weekly Indoor Practices:

Kendall Park SC
2550 State Rt. 27
Kendall Park, NJ
  Mon: 7-9pm
  Wed: 7-9pm
  Sat:   10am-12pm

Email us for more details.

March - September

Helmets mandatory!

Training practices take place in Central Park and its nearby areas. 
Email us for details.

Also, if you are a skater new or experienced interested in:
1) Learning to skate
2) Private lessons
3) Organized training sessions with a group, email us for details and we will get you started.



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Results: 06.25.2005 "Summer Sizzle" Eastern Seaboard Series - Trexlertown, PA
1949 Reads
OverallMedal count
2 division 1st places
4 division2nd place
division - relay1st place
IndividualMedal count
2 age category1st places
4 age category2nd places
McKenzie Browne1st place
Loredana Delucchi1st place
David Latoundji2nd place
Stan Dowicyan2nd place
Bobby Piedra2nd place 
Helen Havam2nd place
John Ristine4th place  
Justin Foster5th place 
Steven Daniel7th place 
Ben Turner11th place 
McKenzie Browne1st place
Loredana Delucchi1st place
David Latoundji2nd place
Stan Dowicyan2nd place
Robert Piedra2nd place
Helen Havam2nd place
John Ristine4th place
Justin Foster5th place
Steven Daniel7th place
Ben Turner11th place
Mixed Team 3-Person Relay 
Helen Havam1st place
Matthew Walthers1st place
John Ristine1st place
Robert Piedra1st place
Ben Turner4th place
Steven Daniel4th place
Mixed Team Relay Team 
Pro Senior: Helen Havam, John Ristine, Matthew Walther1st place
Pro Master: Patty Leazier, Robert Piedra, Jim Bourgeois1st place
Pro Master: Ben Turner, Steven Daniel, Robert Blinken4th place


Pro Juvenile Girls
1. McKenzie Browne
2. Kelsey Helman
3. Kirsten Helman
Advanced Master Women
1. Loredana Delucchi
Advanced Veteran Men
1. Dan West
2. Stan Dowicyan
Pro Master Men
1. Jim Bourgeois
2. Robert Piedra
3. Max Ivenitsky
Pro Senior Women
1. Liz Drenkhahn
2. Helen Havam
3. Martine Charbonneau
Mixed Team Relay - Pro Masters
1. Patty Leasie, Robert Piedra, Jim Bourgeois
2. Naomi Schecter, Miguel Patino, Max Ivenitsky
3. Marge Menghi, Paul McDonald, Mark Waiter
Mixed Team Relay - Pro Senior
1. Helen Havam, John Ristine, Matthew Walthers (Redline Speed)
2. Norgane Echaroover, Damon Wyatt, Peter Doucet
3. Carol Olinger, Francisco Ramirez, Louis ...

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