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Inline Skating Practices
September - March
Helmets mandatory!

Weekly Indoor Practices:

Kendall Park SC
2550 State Rt. 27
Kendall Park, NJ
  Mon: 7-9pm
  Wed: 7-9pm
  Sat:   10am-12pm

Email us for more details.

March - September

Helmets mandatory!

Training practices take place in Central Park and its nearby areas. 
Email us for details.

Also, if you are a skater new or experienced interested in:
1) Learning to skate
2) Private lessons
3) Organized training sessions with a group, email us for details and we will get you started.



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Helen Havam - Meet Results
8188 Reads
2015-2016 Indoor   
03/26/2016Front Runners Indoor Invitational60m8.994th (40-49
  200m29.682nd (40-49)
02/20/2016108th NYRR Millrose Games4x200m Relay 1:48.248th
  Jna Baez  
  Shantel Peters  
  Josley De Los Santos  
  Helen Havam (28.971)  
12/26/2015Armory Open Spring Night 60m8.7511th

06/14/2015USATF East Region Open Track & Field Championships100m14.2715th
2015 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge3.3 miles22.20N/A
06/02/2015USATF New York Twilight Series #3100m Final14.457th
  100m Heat14.17q 8th
  200m30.27 13th
05/26/2015USATF New York Twilight Series #2100m13.8610th
05/19/2015USATF New York Twilight Series #1100m13.996th
  4x400m Relay4:12.982nd
  Kyra Caldwell  
  Stephanie Herrick  
  Helen Havam   
  Michelle Cameron  
05/01-02/20152nd Annual Tom Farrell Track and Field Classic100m14.0323rd
03/21/2014FrontRunners Invitational200m29.012nd (35-39)
NYRR Night @ the Races10K 10-person Relay24:57.23
  Joe Bodden  
  Alex Gou  
  Diana Cruz   
  Ricky Esposito  
  Lisa Edwards  
  Michelle Cameron  
  Pierre Marwuez  
  Helen Havam  
  Tom Napolitano  
  Chin Okoro  
03/08/2015 USATF New York Open & Masters Indoor Championships

60m Final

8.922nd (35-39)
  60m Heat8.95q

7th (9 to final)

  400m1:10.122nd (35-39)
  200m29.223rd (35-39) 
01/xxNYRR Night @ the Races5,000m 5-person Relay 13:01.07 
  Ricky Esposito  
  Kyra Caldwell  
  Tyrona Heath  
  Helen Havam  
  Tom Napolitano  
12/27/2014Armory Open Sprint Night60m8.8812th
  200m 29.64 26th 
06/07/2014NYC Track & Field Invitational (St. John's Univ) 100m13.72 3rd
  *Haram - incorrect spelling  
06/05/2014USATF NY Open & Masters Outdoor Championships Twilight 3 100m 13.95 1st (35-39)
  200m28.86 2nd (35-39)
05/29/2014USATF New York Twilight Series 2100m Final14.15 7th
  100m Heat14.01 8th (8=final)
  4x400 Relay 4:22 
  Claudia Duncan   
  Deanna Clark  
  Shemayne Williams  
  Helen Havam  
05/15/2014USATF New York Twilight Series 1 100m13.83 5th
 200m 28.98 11th 
05/03/2014 1st Annual Tom Farrell Track & Field Classic (St. John's Univ) 100m 13.705th
  200m 28.5820th 
12/28/2013Armory Open Spring Night60m 8.79 8th 
 Colgate Women's Games Overall200m Overall 3rd (30+) 
12/28/2013Colgate Women's Games - Final200m 28.8 4th (30+) 
12/22/2013Colgate Women's Games - Semi Final 200m 29.0  
11/28/2013 Colgate Women's Games - Preliminary II200m 29.2 3rd (30+) 
11/22/2013 Colgate Women's Games - Preliminary I 200m 29.3 4th (30+) 
05/30/2013USATF NY Twilight Series 3 100m14.11 14th 
  200m 28.50 13th 
05/16/2013USATF NY Twilight Series 2 100m 13.98 13th
  400m1:07.16 12th 
 USATF NY Twilight Series 1400m1:06.6 3rd 
  200m29.3 18th
04/xx/2013Penn Relays - Olympic Development4x400m Relay 4:082nd 
  Lauren Attiah  
  Diana Cruz  
  Katie Hejtmanek  
  Helen Havam  
03/15/2013FrontRunners Indoor Track Meet200m29.1 3rd (30-39) 
  Diana Cruz  
  Michele Cameron  
  Helen Havam  
  Tyrona Heath  
03/05/2013NYRR @ the Races 

10,000m 10 person Relay (5x200m each)

  Joseph Bodden  
  Diana Cruz  
  Tyrona Heath  
  Nikisha Alcindor  
  Helen Havam   
02/23/2013USATF NY Open & Masters Indoor Championships60m8.90 3rd (30-39) 
  200m29.44 4th (30-39)
  400m 1:07 3rd (30-39)
1/19/2013 NYU Team Challenge60m8.75  
  200m 28.77  
01/11/2013Gotham Cup60m 8.92  
  400m 1:04  
  4x400m Relay 4:12  
  Tyrona Heath  
  Helen Havam  
  Katie Hejtmanek  
12/26Armory Open Sprint Night 60m 8.81 10th 
 200m 29.35 12th

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