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Inline Skating Practices
September - March
Helmets mandatory!

Weekly Indoor Practices:

Kendall Park SC
2550 State Rt. 27
Kendall Park, NJ
  Mon: 7-9pm
  Wed: 7-9pm
  Sat:   10am-12pm

Email us for more details.

March - September

Helmets mandatory!

Training practices take place in Central Park and its nearby areas. 
Email us for details.

Also, if you are a skater new or experienced interested in:
1) Learning to skate
2) Private lessons
3) Organized training sessions with a group, email us for details and we will get you started.



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Results: 09.01-09.2006 World Championships - Anyang, South Korea
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2006 World Championships - Anyang, South-Korea

Two skaters Helen Havam (Bont) and Robert Piedra (Redline Speed) at the 2006 Roller World Speed Skating Championships in Anyang, South-Korean o­n September 1-9, 2006.  
Helen Havam currently a New York City resident, was representing her home country Estonia and she competed in both banked track, road and 42K marathon events.

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We arrived in Anyang, South-Korea in the evening of August 29th, 2006 after a 13 hour straight flight.  Even though we slept o­n the plane, we could not wait to get to the hotel and get a good night sleep.

Next morning was very exciting because we were going to practice o­n the banked track and find out how bumpy it really is.  Well it was bumpy with narrow corners.  We spent the next few practice days left before the beginning of the competition trying to get in as much practice o­n the track as possible. 

Then came the first race day, the first race is always the hardest for me.  My goal in these World Championships was to make a final in both 200m and 300m time trials and be in the semi final in all the sprint distances both o­n the banked track and road (500m and 1000m).  Even though I didn't get all my goals, I can say that overall I am pretty happy with my results: 

Banked Track
300m time trial - 17th place
500m sprint - 17th place and quarter finalist
1000m sprint - 19th place
15K elimination - 26th place

200m time trial - 18th place
42K marathon - 18th place
500m sprint - 21st place
20K elimination - 25th place

On the day before the road events begin (The Rest Day), the event organizers offered all the interested teams an opportunity to be part of the bus tour and see some of the wonderful sites of Anyang.  We decided to participate. 
Our first stop was right by our hotel, called the Anyang Art Park.  The Anyang Art Park was redesigned by developmental project of Anyang Resort and Anyang Public Art Project (APAP) in 2005 with the intent to create a rest area for citizens where art, culture and nature are closely and harmoniously connected.  The Anyang Art Park is enriched by observatory, pavilion, playground and sculptures designed by artists, designers and architects from all over the world.  Hiking and climbing are very popular among the residents of Anyang.  There are lots of trails for climbers in the mountains which people love, giving a brief history along with temples such as the Anyangsa and Yeombulam and Jungcho Saji Danggan Jiju. 

After about 30 minutes bus ride we arrived at our next site - the Anyangsa or the Anyang Temple.  The Anyang Temple was built by the King Taejo of Goryeo Kingdom, after he saw the colorful clouds formed above Samseongsan and met Neungjeon, a Buddist priest o­n his way to conquer the south in the third year of King Hyogong of Silla Kingdom (900).  He thought of the place as beautiful and rich as paradise and named it Anyang that means "Paradise".

Our last site was Gyeongbokgung (Royal Palace of Joseon Dynasty from 1395-1910).

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