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Inline Skating Practices
September - March
Helmets mandatory!

Weekly Indoor Practices:

Kendall Park SC
2550 State Rt. 27
Kendall Park, NJ
  Mon: 7-9pm
  Wed: 7-9pm
  Sat:   10am-12pm

Email us for more details.

March - September

Helmets mandatory!

Training practices take place in Central Park and its nearby areas. 
Email us for details.

Also, if you are a skater new or experienced interested in:
1) Learning to skate
2) Private lessons
3) Organized training sessions with a group, email us for details and we will get you started.



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Foto by B. Piedra

Birthday: September 9

Year of competing: Outdoors - 2 years (this will be my third year), Indoors 1 1/2 years

Category: Advanced Master Women

Your favorite color: Purple, any shade

Favorite skating event?  The Eastern Seaboard Series.  I love the course at Trexlertown.

Best skating experience?  When I won the Disney Half Marathon in my age group (40-44) in 2004, despite falling several times, including 3 times o­n the wet boardwalk!

What do you like about skating?  I've loved to skate, both roller and ice, since I was a small child, so I love the fact that I'm now able to compete as an adult in an activity I've love to do since I was a kid.  I love the feeling of zooming along o­n your skates o­n a beautiful sunny day.  I love the athleticism involved, the great feeling you have when you give it your all and have a great result.  Most of all, I love that I've met, and become friends with, many people from many different places and backgrounds, through skating.

What are your goals?  This year (2006) - to win the Eastern Seaboard Series in my age group and to improve my race times from past seasons.  I'd also like to skate NorthShore Inline Marathon this year, if not the full marathon, then the half marathon and do well.  Indoors, to go to Indoor National Championships and place in JO Master Ladies.

What else besides skating do you like to do o­n your free time?  Biking, reading, golfing, relaxing o­n the beach in Aruba o­nce a year, spending time with our dogs.

Skating History


Eastern Seaboard Series Overall - Advanced Master Women - Champion
Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 6 (10K) - Advanced Master Women - 2nd place
Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 4 (10K) - Advanced Master Women - 2nd place
USA Indoor National Championships - JO Master Women
  1000m final - 4th place
  500m final - 5th place
Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 3 (15K) - Advanced Master Women - 1st place
Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 2 (10K) - Advanced Master Women - 1st place
Keystone (Eastern) League Indoor Regional Championships - JO Master Women - 2nd place
Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 1 (10K) - Advanced Master Women - 1st place

Walt Disney Inline Half Marathon - Women (40-44) - 1st place
Eastern Seaboard Series - Advanced Master Ladies - Overall - 3rd place
Eastern (Keystone) League 2005-2006 Indoor Season - JO Master Ladies - 1st place
Eastern (Keystone) League 2005-2006 Indoor Season - Elite Classic Ladies Open Division - 3rd place
NIRA Indoor National Championships - Grand Master Ladies (40-44) - 2nd place



2006 Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 1
Advanced Master Women
1st place

 2006 Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 2
Advanced Master Women
1st place

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